2016 Show Season Schedule

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October 2017

07(L). USA, PA, YORK: OLD MAIN YORK EXPO CENTER, 334 CARLISLE RD.. Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers. 5AB, 1SP

    Judges: Roy(AB), Gradowski(AB), Sweeney(AB), Nasin(AB), Zottoli(AB), Morgan(LH/SH).

November 2017

Nov 18-19 CFA International Cat Show - Portland, OR 4AB/4SP-KIT/HHP


December 2017

Dec 16 Straight and Curl Cat Club - Morgantown, PA 4AB/2SP

 Judges: Adkison(AB), Adelhoch(AB), Doernberg(AB), Currle(AB), Anger(LH/SH), Gradowski(LH/SH).

Dec 17 Burmilla Enthusiast of America - Morgantown, PA 4AB/2SP  

** Regional Meeting Sunday morning at 8:15am at the showhall**

 Judges: Rogers(AB), Griswold(AB), Darrah(AB), Nasin(AB), Roy(LH/SH), Bassett(LH/SH).

Dec 30 Finicky Felines Society - Leesport, PA 5AB/1SP

Judges: Adelhoch(AB), Sweeney(AB), Black(AB), Darrah(AB), Griswold(AB), S. Powell(LH/SH).

January 2018

Jan 13 Vermont Fancy Felines - Burlington, VT 4AB/2SP

Judges: Anger(AB), Doernberg(AB), Sweeney(AB), Zottoli(AB),      Mathis(LH/SH), Rivard(LH/SH).

Jan 14 Club Felins Fleur De Lys - Burlington, VT 4AB/2SP

      Judges: Bizzell(AB), Dodds(AB), Morgan(AB), Rogers(AB), Black(LH/SH), Hiemstra(LH/SH).

February 2018

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